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Steam Turbines

Delivery of complete turbo machinery trains for industrial processes and electrical power generation including auxiliary equipment such as: Condensing units

  • Oil supply systems
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Base frames and steel foundations

Gas Turbines

Power generation and industrial applications Independent power producers, utilities: Simple cycle and combined cycle power plants for base load, standby power and peak lopping Cogeneration for industrial plants with high heat load and district heating schemes
Power users:

  • Chemical plants and pharmaceuticals food and beverage plants Automotive plants, mining, heavy industry Pulp and paper, textiles
  • Hospitals, universities and other building complexes
  • Marine propulsion, other process and manufacturing industries
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Upstream - onshore and offshore production, fixed and floating:
  • Prime movers for water injection and crude oil pumping, gas lift, gas/oil separation
  • Well depletion/wellhead boosting, natural gas and sour gas injection
  • Gas gathering and export gas compression, refrigeration compression for gas-processing plant
  • Power generation and power supply
  • Midstream - pipelines, storage and LNG
  • Gas turbine driven compressors and pumps, e.g. for high-pressure gas transmission pipe- lines and oil pumping
  • Power generation and refrigerant compression for liquefied Natural gas* (LNG)
  • Downstream - refineries, petrochemicals, GTL:
  • Gas to liquids - power generation
  • Refinery - power generation